Emoov Reviews

Emoov were an online estate agent with a growing reputation in the industry. Unfortunately, they entered administration in December 2018 and are no longer open for business. We have, therefore, removed all links from this page. The review below is kept only for historical purposes.

To view alternative online estate agents, please visit our online estate agent reviews.

Emoov Reviews

Our Rating = 9.5 / 10

Lowest Price = From £895

No Sale, No Fee Price = £1,995

Best Thing = Excellent customer service

Worst Thing = Higher fees for London

What Do You Get With The Cheapest Package?

The cheapest Emoov package is from just £895 although that will need to be paid upfront and is due whether you sell your home or not. This package will give you:

  • Professional photos of your property
  • Detailed property description written for you
  • An accurate floorplan of the building
  • Your home listed on Rightmove, Zoopla, and Prime Location
  • Every potential buyer fully qualified by experts
  • Manage all your viewing requests online 24/7
  • Expert team to negotiate and progress your sale

That’s a pretty comprehensive package and gives you all the core elements you need to be able to sell your home for a fair price.

Are There Other Packages Available?

In terms of what you get, there is only the one Emoov package available which gives you all of the above.

However, you can choose two different payment options; either from £895 upfront (£995 for London postcodes) regardless of whether your property sells, or, £1,995 payable on completion, i.e. only when you successfully sell your home.

The upfront payment option also has an option to defer payment with 0% finance available. However, we wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you really need to.

Do They Offer Hosted Viewings?

In short, yes. You can choose to add on an unlimited hosted viewings package for just £360.

This will ensure that for all the time your property is on the market with Emoov, you won’t have to do any viewings yourself.

We would recommend only using this service when necessary as, typically, potential buyers have a better experience when shown around by the owner.

What We Like About Emoov:

They are reasonably priced but not so cheap that other vital elements such as the service they provide need to suffer. Looking through Emoov reviews on independent review sites you can see there are plenty of happy customers who have used them.

That’s also reflected in the awards the company has won. That list includes the Best Online Estate Agent at the AllAgents awards for three consecutive years between 2015 and 2017 as well as the Best online Agency award from property Wire in 2018.

They are also fully regulated by The Property Ombudsman so you know you’re in safe hands.

What To Look Out For:

There’s not much to be aware of with Emoov, they are one of the most ethical online estate agents we’ve come across. There are no hidden costs and no strings attached.

The only thing we would advise is to avoid using their deferred payment option on the pay upfront package. All this does is delay how long you have until you need to pay their fee, it doesn’t mean you don’t pay if you don’t sell.

It’s therefore essentially just a credit agreement which means it may leave a footprint on your credit score, which could affect your eligibility for a mortgage (although it’s very unlikely).

If you can’t afford to pay the £895 in full, upfront, we’d recommend going for the £1,995 pay on completion option instead.

Why Use Emoov?

If you want to save money but don’t want to compromise on the level of service you receive, Emoov are for you.

They are the nearest we have found to a high street agent level of service but at online agent prices.

Emoov Reviews From Customers:

Here’s a selection of Emoov reviews taken straight from their Trustpilot page:

Emoov Reviews On Trustpilot

Emoov Reviews Conclusion:

As you can see there are plenty of things to like about Emoov and that’s backed up by the many positive Emoov reviews you can find online.

They are fairly priced, have a good level of service – particularly after you received an offer, and they are able to conduct all of your viewings for you for an additional fee. Plus, you get a professional property listing on major sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla.

That means they offer everything your local estate agent probably offers but at a fraction of the price. Even the £1,995 on completion is likely to work out cheaper than anything a high street agent can offer you.

For that reason, we fully recommend Emoov as one of the best online estate agents you can choose.

As Emoov are no longer operating as a business, you can choose an alternative from our online estate agent reviews.