Housesimple Reviews

Housesimple became the first major online estate agent to completely do away with fees in 2019 when it moved to only offering its services without charge. Is that enough to make it worth using to sell your home? Find out below…

Housesimple Reviews

Our Rating = 8.8 / 10

Lowest Price = Free

No Sale, No Fee Price = Free

Best Thing =  Doesn’t cost a thing

Worst Thing = Only operates in certain areas

What Do You Get With The Cheapest Package?

Housesimple’s only, package is actually 100% free. As standard, this gives you:

  • Dedicated local estate agent
  • Professional property adverts with photography, description, and floor plan
  • A Housesimple ‘For Sale’ board 
  • Your home listed on Rightmove and Zoopla
  • Access to an online property hub to manage your listings, viewings and offers 24/7
  • Profesional negotiation and sales progression services

That means you are getting a comparable package to what your local estate agent may give you but for free rather than the high percentage of sale fee the local agent may charge you.

Are There Other Packages Available?

No, there is only one single package available at Housesimple and that’s the free one. However, they only operate in a few postcodes in the north of England.

While there’s only one package, there are a number of add-ons you can choose to bolster the default package further. That includes things such as upgrades to more visible listings on property portals, EPCs, conveyancing, and mortgage brokering.

Do They Offer Hosted Viewings?

Yes, Housesimple allow you to add on a ‘hosted viewings’ package for an additional fee. The good thing is that it’s a very flexible option.

If you think you’ll only need hosted viewings occasionally, such as when someone wants to view the property while you’re at work, you can opt to just pay as you go. That will cost just £35 per viewing. Remember, you accept or reject viewing requests so you’re in control of how much you spend!

Alternatively, if you expect to require the hosted viewings regularly, there is an option to pay for Housesimple to conduct up to 10 of your viewings for a one-off fee of £315.

In short, if you expect you’ll need Housesimple to conduct 9 or more viewings for you, go for the unlimited package. If not, just pay as you go and save some more cash.

What We Like About Housesimple:

Housesimple have some really funky branding and come across as a fun and quirky agent. However, if you scratch the surface you realise there is a very serious, professional service here.

For starters, they were the first major online estate agent to ditch upfront fees and not ask for any form of payment.

Whether free equals ‘good’ is down to your own opinion.

As with all of the online estate agents we feature, Housesimple are fully regulated by the UK’s Property Ombudsman.

What To Look Out For:

The biggest thing to be aware of is that they only operate in a few areas of the country – mostly around Liverpool, Manchester and Yorkshire.

Other then that, there isn’t really much to be wary of with Housesimple. They are pretty upfront and honest. There’s no hidden fees and no dodgy sales tactics.

Why Use Housesimple?

If you don’t like the idea of having to pay upfront and then potentially not being able to sell your home, Housesimple offer a true alternative without charge.

Therefore, choose Housesimple if you want to avoid the risk that comes with cheaper upfront prices and you live in one of the areas they cater for.

Housesimple Reviews From Customers:

Here’s a selection of Housesimple reviews taken straight from their Trustpilot page:

Housesimple Reviews On Trustpilot

Housesimple Reviews Conclusion:

The main selling point of Housesimple is their free package and the fact this is now the only option available. It shows a real commitment to selling properties the same way as high street agents but without the big fees usually attached.

That’s probably part of the reason there are quite a few good Housesimple reviews around.

That won’t work for everyone as you won’t be able to use them at all if you’re not located in the right area. However, for those that are, Housesimple offer a real viable alternative to expensive high street agents.

There’s not really any major downsides to Housesimpole either, there’s no hidden fees or unexpected charges and even the flexibility of the hosted viewings add-on works well.

Overall, we have no hesitation in recommending Housesimple, but only if you’re specifically located in an area they operate in.