Yopa Reviews

With people like four-time Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah appearing in their adverts, there’s no shortage of interest in the online estate agent Yopa. In fact, you don’t have to look far to find plenty of good Yopa reviews. So, let’s delve a little deeper into what they offer…

Yopa Reviews

Our Rating = 9.1 / 10

Lowest Price = £889

No Sale, No Fee Price = £1,999

Best Thing = Easy-to-use platform

Worst Thing = Higher fees for London

What Do You Get With The Cheapest Package?

Yopa’s cheapest package comes in at £889 which is payable upfront and is slightly higher than some of their main competitors. However, for that, you get the following”

  • Dedicated local estate agent
  • Professional property adverts with photography, description, and floor plan
  • A Yopa ‘For Sale’ board outside your home
  • Your home listed on Rightmove, Zoopla, and Prime Location
  • Online access to manage your listings, viewings and offers 24/7
  • Expert team on hand to see your sale through to completion

This gives you all the key services you’ll need in order to sell your property successfully providing you’re happy with doing viewings yourself. If you’re not then don’t worry as there’s an option for that too, which we cover below.

Are There Other Packages Available?

Yes, there is also the option to pay on completion, but this costs more than double at £1,999 (more for London postcodes). However, the advantage is there’s no risk on your part as you only pay if and when your property sells.

This more closely mirrors the pricing of a typical high street agent yet it’s a fixed-fee price rather than the % of sale prices traditional agents usually use. This means the higher your sales price, the more money you’ll save.

There is also the option to defer the upfront payment for 10 months. However, for most people going with the no sale, no fee price will be better if you don’t want to pay upfront.

In terms of what you get for your money, there is no difference between the packages discussed.

Do They Offer Hosted Viewings?

Yes, Yopa allow you to add an unlimited number of hosted viewings for a one-off additional fee of £300.

This can be handy if you lead a busy lifestyle and don’t want the hassle of showing people around your home. However, many people have reported they get a better response from buyers when showing people around their home themselves.

This may be simply because, as the owner, you’re always likely to know more about your home than any agent ever will. For that reason, only take this extra if you absolutely need to.

What We Like About Yopa:

Yopa offer a fair price which may not be the cheapest online estate agents offer, but it’s not far off and is still significantly more than most traditional high street agents will charge you.

There are also no hidden fees which is something that has blighted the reputation of some online agents. That means you don’t have to use their conveyancing team and there are no additional fees to pay beyond the advertised price. That’s part of the reason why there are so many positive Yopa reviews online.

They have also been featured across most of the major UK media outlets and are fully regulated by The Property Ombudsman. That means they appear to be a reputable company with nothing to hide.

What To Look Out For:

As we mentioned, there’s nothing, in particular, to look out for with Yopa as they don’t hide any costs. They appear to be perfectly straight and honest about what they give you and how much they charge.

That said, if you live in London you need to be aware that the prices for some London postcodes can be much higher (almost double the price) although this isn’t that uncommon.

You’ll also need to be wary of deferring your payment for 10 months on the upfront option. This is a finance agreement so will leave a mark on your credit report and the fee will still be payable even if you take your house off the market without agreeing a sale.

Better then to pay the upfront fee or take the no sale, no fee option.

Why Use Yopa?

If you want to use an online agent and value having an easy-to-use website to manage your property listing and viewing requests, Yopa could be the best choice for you.

The clean and modern design and common sense layout make the site a breeze for any level of online experience. You’ll also still make a significant saving over most high street agents.

Yopa Reviews From Customers:

Here’s a selection of Yopa reviews taken straight from their Trustpilot page:

Yopa Reviews on Trustpilot

Yopa Reviews Conclusion:

Having now looked in more detail at this attractive online estate agent, it’s quite clear why there are so many positive Yopa reviews around.

If you choose them you can be secure in the knowledge you are getting everything that’s required to sell your home at the best possible price. Sure, the fee is slightly higher than some of their main competitors but not so much higher that it should be a deal-breaker.

The fact you can add on hosted viewings and there’s the option to either pay upfront or pay on completion makes Yopa a genuine alternative to your local high street agent.